Mahaffey Farms Featured on “Louisiana Eats” Radio Show

A few months ago the great Poppy Tooker came out for a tour of Mahaffey Farms.  She’s the host of Louisiana Eats radio program that airs on WWOZ-FM in New Orleans.

She really knows a lot about farming practices, traditional food production, and heritage breeds! I could have talked to her for hours.

I do feel the need to add that in this radio program she gives the impression I was a Polyface Farms intern. I was not. I have however been to the farm to visit once and a second time for their three day intensive discovery seminar. I have also attended three additional three day classes/seminars taught by Joel Salatin as well as read ALL of his books. That does count for having “studied under” I guess but I would never mislead folks into thinking I had been an intern… That’s a whole other level.

This is a really nice piece on our farm. Thanks to Poppy for everything and all she does to promote the Louisiana culture and food system! Love her work!

To hear the entire show, or to visit the show’s website:

And BIG THANKS to Chris Jay of the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau and the awesome 20×49 blog for helping Poppy find us!