What do the colored labels mean?


Our mission is to cultivate a better food system for our community. We need to reach more of the community if our farming mission is going to keep moving forward.

One of the major obstacles in our mission is the cost of producing the “BEST” products possible. Using only certified organic feed for our livestock is by far the best and most expensive part of our pork and poultry products. But what good is it to be the best if we aren’t making our products accessible to the whole of the community? How is that “GOOD”? So, we asked ourselves, “Is there a BETTER way to maintain our principles while increasing our outreach?”  And the answer is yes! This is why we are gradually offering our products in a three color label system: Red, Green, and Blue. Blue is our lowest price point, this is a great option for our wholesale/restaurant market as well as providing an affordable local product. Green is our mid range price product for those that are looking to avoid genetically modified products. Red is our highest price point and remain the flagship of our regenerative farming model.







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