Our mission:  To produce healthy, delicious foods for our community as we regenerate our land.



We take a holistic approach to everything we do.

What do we mean by holistic?  We believe everything on the farm is connected.  Every decision we make affects every part of the farm, our products, and ultimately our community.

From this point of view there are underlying principles that determine how decisions are made.  We’ve condensed these principles into the following three primary objectives:

  • Regenerative Landscapes
  • Resilient Community
  • Valuable Nourishment

Let’s elaborate a little on each of these:

Regenerative Landscapes – The words “organic” and “sustainable” are commonly used to describe farming practices like ours.  And ultimately they fall short of what we really endeavor to create.  We aim to build soil and biodiversity first and above all other goals.  We must focus on the land and ecology first…  everything else depends on it.   We use many methods to accomplish this but the primary focus is the constant improvement and regeneration of the landscape.

Resilient Community –  We focus on the needs of our community first.  Local starts at home.  We believe a strong local food system is not only good for our local economy, but it also enhances our health and relationships.  A regenerative economy is possible when communities focus on local markets and relationships.  “Cultivate the 318” is our slogan.  318 is the area code for North Louisiana, our home…  It’s about caring for and improving our local food system in any way we can.

Valuable Nourishment – Price isn’t the same as cost.  Often in our culture we ignore the value of a product in favor of the lowest price.  When really there is a higher cost to “cheap” food.  That cost comes at the expense of our health, happiness, and local economy.  We focus on the highest quality and nutrient dense food production methods possible without degrading the land.  These methods cost more.  We strive to keep prices as low as possible as long as we maintain the highest quality.  Ultimately it comes down to value.  Our products are worth more.  Pound for pound and acre to acre we are making a difference.