Conventionally Raised Chicken vs. Pasture Raised Chicken

What’s the difference between conventionally raised chicken and our chicken? 

Besides the obvious better taste and nutrition profile our processing procedures are better. For starters conventionally raised chickens are raised in confinement. The animals are packed together often on top of their excrement and each other.

Our chickens are raised in small flocks of 75 birds on fresh pasture. Each morning they
get to look forward to their daily move to a new piece of pasture.

Conventionally raised chickens are often given antibiotics to treat illnesses that are the result of their poor living conditions.

Our pasture raised chickens have strong immunity and don’t need antibiotics
because of their healthy living environment on pasture and daily
movement to encourage exercise and forage.

Conventionally raised chicken production usually takes place in big ag chicken houses that stink up rural communities and do nothing to improve the environment or soil around them.

Our chicken production model supports a rotational grazing system that radically improves the land on which we run our chicken tractors. By moving them every day to a fresh piece of pasture we are able to fertilize the ground and then allow it rest. This builds the organic matter of our soil exponentially, year after year, leaving it better than we found it instead of degrading it. The daily movement also rids our operation of the putrid smell folks often associate with poultry production.

Conventionally raised chickens are usually processed and packaged in large meat packing
facilities, hundreds of miles away from where they were raised. They spend hours cramped in cages on the way to the processing plant.

Our pasture raised chickens are processed and packaged on site at our farm. That’s zero transportation miles for them making it much less stressful.

Conventional chicken processing facility employees usually receive poor wages and deal with poor working conditions. Thousands of workers are packed into large factories in which the process is highly mechanized in order to reach maximum output.

Our poultry operation offer local people good jobs and aims to ensure a resilient local food system. We pay them well and process by hand which is extremely advantageous when it comes to the welfare of the workers and the animals. The process is built around integrity of every single bird and all of it’s parts.

So when deciding where to spend your food dollars please keep these things in mind.